UNA Local 115 Newsletter Submission Guidelines

We want to be relevant to you so we are expanding what we will publish in our local newsletter. All work must be submitted via email.

We will only publish original work that has not been published or is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. At least one author needs to be a member of UNA Local 115. All work must be submitted in English. Types of items accepted for publication include peer-reviewed research summaries, poems, reflections, photos, and positive change spotlights.

Peer-Reviewed Research Summary

Summary of original research can be based on literature review, qualitative research, quantitative research, or concept analysis. Should be submitted in APA format. Must not exceed 1400 words including abstract of 200 words. Maximum of 5 references cited.

Headings should include: background, method(s), results, discussion, limitations, and conclusion.


Preferred if relevant to nursing. Must not exceed 300 words.


Should reflect on professional experiences with a focus on nursing and the union. Must not exceed 400 words.


It is the responsibility of the member submitting photos to request permission to publish prior to sending to UNA Local 115. UNA local 115 will assume all photos submitted are only of individuals who have given their consent to have their photo published online and in the newsletter to the person submitting the photo. Photos that are not of human subjects but submitted as art are to be original work by the person making the submission and permission is granted to UNA Local 115 to publish online and in the newsletter.

Positive Change Spotlight

Short articles on positive change within the workplace. Should be submitted in APA format. Must not exceed 1400 words. Maximum of 3 references cited.

Headings should include: background, proposed solution, implementation, evaluation, limitations and insights.


We are always on the look out for what our members want to hear more about. Please contact us with suggestions for a member spotlight or topics you would like to hear UNA’s stance on.

Newsletter Submission Form