Member Spotlight: Mike Loncik

Mike Loncik is a Clinical Nurse Educator on the Intensive Palliative Care Unit at Foothills. He has worked in palliative care for almost 15 years and makes a conceivably difficult nursing role look easy. The connections Mike is able to make while on the job are powerful. His philosophy is to be a human first, […]


Member Spotlight: Debbie

Debbie Nowazek is the #epitome of charge #nurses. With 42 years of #orthopedic experience under her belt, she brings much #energy and #positivity to the front lines of caring for patients. She has mastered the craft of running a busy, fast-paced unit and always does so with a smile on her face. Her talent does not go unnoticed by anyone visiting the orthopedic unit at Foothills Medical Centre. Debbie is truly #uniquelyRN.

Member Spotlight: Dory

Dory is truly #uniquelyRN by making #nursesunite. She created and fostered a #community of practice during tumultuous institutional #change. She is a huge proponent of providing expert care and ensuring competence within nursing through the unification of Clinical Nurse Educators in Alberta Health Services.