How to File a PRC. By: Laura Muenchrath

Reporting Professional Responsibility Concerns (PRC) is a protected and constructive way for RN’s to advocate for patient safety as per Article 36 of the Collective Agreement. This article protects nurses from disciplinary action when they report their concerns and provides a formal and open process through which concerns can be discussed and resolved.

Reporting concerns that impact your ability to deliver safe, competent, or ethical nursing care or directly poses a risk or has caused harm to a patient, documents your advocacy for patient safety. You are also strongly encouraged to speak with your manager or immediate supervisor to give them an opportunity to resolve the issue immediately or for the issue to be investigated in real-time.

CARNA expects RNs to take action on recognized unsafe health care practices and workplace safety risks to clients and staff and advocate for safe, competent, compassionate, and ethical care for clients or their representatives, especially when they are unable to advocate for themselves. (CARNA Entry-toPractice Competencies for the Registered Nurses Profession #15 and #84).

Reporting Professional Responsibility Concerns supports Alberta Health Service’s values of accountability, excellence and safety.  Professional Responsibility Concerns may be reported for concerns such as:

  • Unreasonable workload (high RN/pt ratios)
  • Not staffing according to acuity
  • Baseline staffing not met (sick calls not replaced)
  • Inadequate skill mix on shift
  • Patient care assessment delayed/overdue
  • Long wait times
  • Communication challenges
  • Technology not working
  • Inconsistency in nursing assignment causing continuity of care issues.

The form can be found on under Member Resources. After completing the fillable form, print it off and either submit is electronically via the UNA website (most timely) or deposit in the Local’s mailbox (on the ground floor on the way to the cafeteria), fax to (403)263-2908 or email to Please include your name, phone number and non-AHS email address in case a committee member needs to connect with you for further information. Your name does not need to be included when your concern is forwarded to the joint committee or manager.

When you are completing a PRC, please remember to provide a detailed description of how the patient was impacted, and consider and suggest reasonable/sustainable solutions.

Documenting Professional Responsibility Concerns puts advocacy into action!