UNA Local 115 VP Report – December, 2016

2016 has been a year of continued change within AHS which in turn keeps UNA members and Local Executive on our toes ensuring members rights are protected under the joint UNA -AHS’s collective agreement.

One of my key roles within the Local Executive has been to support members at investigation meetings, discipline, resolution and return to work meetings. The day to day telephone calls assisting members to with their rights under the collective agreement. Providing guidance with the various processes such as benefits through Great West life, AHS Abilities or WBC.

Along with Laura Muenchrath, I co-chaired AHS Joint OH&S committee. Concerns presented to the Joint committee on behalf of AHS issues of Overcapacity & safe staffing levels, Trip Hazards, Personal Protective Equipment, Air Quality, Violence in the Workplace, Critical Incidents, Elevator safety, Ergonomics and Parking changes, supporting members with AHS MySafetynet changes to name a few.

3e60b57f-c42f-d78f-81a441bc8948988aL115 UNA OH&S committee with UNA OH&S Officer Dewey Funk presented to the CEO designate in April 2016 on issues brought forth by members in regards to Violence in the workplace, Paladin Security. Out of this meeting AHS committed to creating a working group with nurses form the home unit participating in this process. Developing back up processes for when Paladin is not available for 1:1 security. Evaluating what processes are working well and what is not. Creating a safe area for staff in case of emergency to access security.

I was away on medical leave the last few months and I would like to to take the time to Thank – Kevin, Wayne, Wanda and Laura, Dwayne and Martin and other UNA members/staff for their support.

I continue to look forward to working and supporting Local 115 in the role of Vice President.

In Solidarity,
Kathleen Hamnett