UNA Local 115 Secretary Report – December, 2016

The year started off as with most with the focus on membership engagement. I’ve spent time on many units educating our members on the various ways to sign up to our local. It is frustrating that as a Local we don’t have the ability to meet with every new employee to not only help in the transition of the new position they are entering, but to educate the potential new member to their Collective Agreement rights under United Nurses of Alberta.

We continue to have our coffee cart walkabouts, which can be very effective. There are the mail out of a welcome letter to all new employees and at times enlist some of the active ward reps to ask members to sign up to their local.

The office has also been very busy with member meetings and attending various events such as Nurses Week, Stampede BBQ, and Meet and Greet the Local Executive. We try to hold the Coffee Carts at least every second month as this is a valuable way to meet a variety of our members in the hallways and on the units.

This year, has been successful in contacting your members various ways. I learn so much from our members on what we can do better at or things that are working well for the membership. This feed back is vital to how we as a local plan our year.

I look forward to another year as your secretary in our Local 115 Executive team.

In Solidarity,
Wayne F. Stopa