UNA Local 115 Interim VP Report – December, 2016

First and foremost, thank for allowing me to stand in for our Vice President while she was off for the last six months . It was yet another opportunity to learn and work along side of my colleagues in a different focus of what we do as a Local Executive.

2016 was again an interesting year. We have many areas in the hospital undergoing renovations. The Emergency area has been renovating for the last three years and “may” see completion in the summer of 2017. Disruption for patients, staff, and pre hospital care teams have been immense. There was also a major renovation on PCU 57 which had a dominos effect on moving staff and patients to two other units. That renovation may take eighteen months to two years. The Local was challenged with providing increased support to many affected by the changes.

With the economy at it’s lowest and a new government still feeling their way, this makes for a challenging year at best. New initiatives such as Operational Best Practice may change how we deliver care in the future, we’ll see. This could also mean for difficult negotiations in 2017 to provide safe and efficient patient care.

This has been a very busy year for our local Executive with a record number of meetings, perhaps due to the reflection of the current state of health care. Of course every meeting I attend there is another opportunity to meet, support and council member. This is the best part of this job.

In Solidarity,
Wayne F. Stopa