UNA Local 115 Annual President’s Report – December, 2016

I continue to have the privilege and great fortune to represent the nurses of local 115. I have not faced this honour alone, beside me has stood an executive team second to none.

The last year has seen a continuation of initiatives that date back to the dark days of Dr. Duckett. In an attempt to pinpoint the initiatives started in 2016, I found myself lost in AHS jargon and ever changing care models. CoACT and Operational Best Practices have been at the forefront of the race to redefine care. Are these initiatives based on best practice, or they simply tools to help bend the cost curve?

Regardless of your views, the coming year will be filled with advocacy opportunities for all of use to ensure we stand up for quality, safe patient care.

Despite everything AHS was doing to keep us busy the local found many other ways to fill our days. The local participated in the annual UNA stampede BBQ, volunteered, hosted membership appreciation dinners, delivered coffee to the units, and ensured we met our delegate needs for both AGM and Demand setting.

The frontline nurses in our local are truly unsung heroes. The trend has been to do more with less, and when new legislation was tabled in 2016, we have shined in the delivery of care that impacts families in ways that are new to all of us. Medical assistance in dying has become a real opportunity for nurses to demonstrate our leadership abilities. The stories that have been shared make me proud to be a registered nurse.

The right to strike is once again a right we have in our toolbox. The province is working with the employer to determine what is going to be defined as essential services at each site. The local anticipates being asked to validate the workload being completed on each unit. This will be a great opportunity going forward for the executive to work closely with the nurses we represent.

As President, I have many different roles and responsibilities assigned to me under the UNA constitution. I commit to representing you to the best of my ability. I look forward to overcoming the new hurdles the local will face fighting for our members rights to fair and safe workplaces.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your President. I look forward to being your eyes and ears going forward.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Champagne
Local 115