UNA Local 115 – Annual Communications Report – 2016

The communication committee consists of our leader (and UNA Local 115 Secretary) Wanda Deadman, along with committee members Al Perreault, Patrycja Vaid and Sheldon Vogt.

Al Perreault

I’ve had the honour again to be with this committee for another year. My strong belief in the union makes be a proud member of this committee.

Some of my accomplishments for the past year include the development of our quarterly newsletter. We will be trying out a new process for our Winter issue, so look forward to that issue. Patrycja, Sheldon and Wanda have been vital to the newsletters, providing great content for our members.

I continue to maintain the social media outlets for our local. We’ve had significant increases in members joining them, as well as some great interactivity & sharing. It’s another great way to keep our members updated. In case you didn’t know, you can follow us on Social Media and stay updated:

Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/UnitedNursesofAlbertaLocal115/]
Twitter [https://twitter.com/UNALocal115/]
Website/Blog [https://local115.wordpress.com]

Wanda Deadman

It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team this past year. We have endeavoured to provide more educational and personal interest content in our newsletter. Patrycja Vaid wrote several interviews on our more prominent members and helped to keep our Facebook and blog site on trend. She is currently enjoying the new wonders of motherhood and is missed by all on the committee.

Sheldon Vogt has dived deep into helping our members understand the ins and outs of our benefits. His article on maternity leave has become a well used tool amongst our members and even with our Labour Relations Officers at UNA. He has set a high standard for us to achieve as we tackle more complex matters in the coming year, such as bullying.

Al Perreault remains our steadfast rudder on our little committee ship. He has been our technological backbone for the entire year and we literally would not be able to complete our projects without him. We look forward to having Al Chair our committee next year as we endeavour into more coverage of advocacy events and photo journalism. We hope to bring our newsletter to even higher heights.