UNA Local 115 Executive Update

Dear Local 115 Members,

Hope you are enjoying some much deserved time off this summer. Hard to believe September is right
around the corner. This fall is going to be busy at UNA. If you have been elected as a delegate or observer
for Provincial AGM, you should have already requested your LOA’s to attend. Provincial AGM is
October 25-27 this year in Edmonton.

At the Local Monthly Meeting on September 14 (room AGW4A-B), the Local Executive will be presenting
the common themes of the returned negotiations questionnaires and voting on outstanding proposals. All
approved proposals will then be submitted to the Negotiating Committee and the Director of Labour Relations
for review and recommendations.

At the Local Monthly Meeting on October 12 (room AGW4A-B), the Local Executive went over necessary
details regarding Provincial AGM with delegates and observers. Paper AGM packages were distributed,
if electronic package were not requested.

At the Local Monthly Meeting on November 9 (room AGW4A-B), the Local Executive will review the Negotiating
Committee’s recommendations and proposals prior to Demand Setting Meeting November
22-24 in Edmonton.

The Local 115 AGM is on December 13 (Note the change in date) 1300hrs-1700hrs at Kensington Commons
Church (2404 Kensington Rd. NW, one block east of Crowchild Tr.). You can register for the event at

The following positions are up for election this year, all are 2 year terms:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Committee (2 positions)
  • OH&S Committee (1 position)
  • PRC Committee (2 position)

Any local member in good standing is welcome to put their name forward for election for a position. This
is an awesome opportunity to become more involved in the Local. If you have any questions about the positions,
do not hesitate to call or e-mail the Local Exec. Nomination form: https://local115.files.wordpress.

The Local Monthly Meeting on January 11, 2017 (in the Auditorium), the Local Exec will present the package
from Demand Setting Meeting. A Ratification Vote in planned for January 30. More details to come.
The Exchange of Proposals between UNA and AHS anticipated to occur January/February 2017.
Members are encouraged to sign up and use UNANet (http://una.ab.ca/unanet), as information regarding
negotiations will be posted on FirstClass in the Negs 2017 conference. If you are having any problems signing
up for UNANet, give us a call.

Member Engagement Opportunities:

  • One Member at Large will be drawn to attend the October SCD Meeting.
  • Two Members at Large will be drawn to attend Jasper Labour School in January 2017.
  • Both draws close September 7th. Winners announced at September Local Monthly Meeting. Call the office
    or e-mail Local Exec if you would like your name entered in the draws.

UNA Orientation for New Employees:
There is a monthly opportunity for new employees to meet a member of the Local Exec and to receive a
Welcome and Introduction to UNA. This is a great opportunity to learn about the union and what it can do
for you. You can find us on August 22, September 26, October 24 and November 28 in the FMC Auditorium

Looking forward to working with the Members of Local 115.
Your Local Exec,
Kevin Champagne – President / Wayne Stops – Interim Vice-President
Wanda Deadman – Treasurer / Laura Muenchrath – Interim Secretary
Call: 403-670-9960
E-mail: local115exec@una.ab.ca
Visit: 300-1422 Kensington Rd. NW,
Calgary, T2N 3P9
Local 115 Webpage: https://local115.wordpress.com