Pride Parade 2016

Hello Everyone,

September 4, 2016 marks Calgary’s 26th Pride Parade. UNA is once again participating in the pride parade as part of our values in equality and solidarity with the LGBTQ community. Help spread the word. Those interested in participating can email Wanda Deadman at wdeadman for more details.

We plan to be wearing white and nursing caps to promote recognition of the nursing profession and will be carrying UNA flags, rainbow ribbon wands, bubble wands and handing out rainbow coloured band-aids. All are invited, including friends, family members and pets. The more the merrier. Please wear white, we will supply the rest.

If you are curious about the other events happening during Pride Week please check out

Wanda Deadman
PRC Committee
Local 115 FMC Calgary
Office: 403-670-9960
wdeadman or local115exec