Action around the Health Ministers meeting

I am forwarding this message as I am Chair of the Canadian Health Coalition and I know how tech savvy a lot of UNA members are and thought it might be of interest. It’s an easy way to take part in the action the BC Health Coalition will be holding next week. Plus the CFNU National Executive Board will be meeting with the Ministers.
In Solidarity

Hello all,

As you may know, the provincial and territorial health ministers are meeting in Vancouver next week (January 20-21) at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

This is the first time the health ministers will meet since the new federal government was elected.

For the first time in a long time, the federal health minister will also attend the meeting.

Public health care advocates are organizing to have a presence at the meeting and on social media. We want to send a clear message about key steps the provinces and federal government must take to strengthen and protect public health care.

We’d welcome your assistance with two things:

1. An interactive action outside the ministers’ meeting on Wednesday, January 20th 10:30am-4:00pm

We are asking people to submit their "hopes for public health care" via an online form in the days leading up to the ministers’ meeting.

You can access the form and submit your message here:

On Jan 20th we will display these messages on cards hung on ribbon strung between the trees outside the meeting.

It would be great to have at least 75-100 cards pre-written before the 20th, so please encourage members to submit short messages for the ministers as soon as possible.

2. An online component
Starting at 9am on Jan 20th, and continuing throughout the meetings, we’re asking people to tweet their "hopes for public health care" to the ministers. Folks are also encouraged to tweet things they value about health care.

To tweet at a minister use the format:
@[health minister twitter name] I hope #cdnhealth ……. #HealthMin16

@janephilpott I hope #cdnhealth will provide compassionate care for seniors in their home communities #HealthMin16

@TerryLakeMLA I hope #cdnhealth will continue to be based on need rather than ability to pay #HealthMin16

We will send a full list of the Health Minister’s Twitter names (also called "handles") next week so you can tweet at them.

Please also use the #HealthMin16 hashtag when posting about the event or when posting photos of the event.

What we’re asking for from the ministers
The idea is that the general ask from participating organizations is a) a new health accord with strings attached to funding (Ottawa needs to cover at least 25% of health care spending by 2025); b) Investing in a National Seniors Strategy that includes national standards; and c) implement a National Public Drug Plan.

Each organization will elaborate on their priorities for these three asks according to their own organization’s goals.

What we need from participating organizations:

1. Ask members to send their message to the Ministers via our online form.

2. Let the BC Health Coalition know if you plan to encourage your membership/leadership etc to send twitter messages to the health ministers throughout the meeting. You can email jen and we will send you more information about twitter handles etc.

Thank you!

Melissa Newitt
National Coordinator (Interim)
Canadian Health Coalition
613-688-4973 ext 1