Election Results and CDLC Weekend Workshop Draw Winners

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Thank you all who attended our 2015 Local AGM. It was very exciting. Election results are:

Vice President: Kathleen Hamnett – Acclaimed
Secretary: Wayne Stopa- Elected
PRC Committee: Nicole Bajada – Elected
Katelyn Dick – Elected
James Zachary – Elected

Many thanks to Laura Muenchrath (nominated for Secretary) and Laura Travis (nominated for PRC Committee) for running for Local 115 positions. I hope to see your names put forward again in the future.

For the CDLC Weekend Workshop all persons who had put forward their names are being sent as we only received 19 interested members.

The members who will be attending The CDLC Weekend Workshop are:

Nadene Adie
Kevin Champagne
Dorothy Clements
Leslie Crawford
Heather Dean
Wanda Deadman
Katelyn Dick
Kathleen Hamnett
Whitney Kordi
Nancy Lee
Sandra McGonigal
Roseline Okeke
Judy Rutley
Heather Sawchuk
Carrie Sieban
Wayne Stopa
Sandi Verones
Elena Vlassova
James Zachary

In Solidarity,

Wanda Deadman
PRC Committee
Local 115 FMC Calgary
Office: 403-670-9960
wdeadman or local115exec