#NursesUnite is what makes us #UniquelyRN

By Patrycja Vaid
Local 115 Communications, United Nurses of Alberta

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you have probably heard of #NursesUnite trending all over social media in response to @TheView comments about @MissAmericaCO ‘s unique talent… being an RN. 

If you did not catch the famous Miss America beauty pageant, you may have seen clips posted all over your social media feeds as nurses were quick to show support and pride for fellow RN Kelley Johnson’s (Miss Colorado) performance in the talent competition. She performed a monologue about her talent: being a nurse (and she was dressed respectably in uniform to boot). Showcasing this wonderful talent was something that was generally well received and Kelley was awarded a large scholarship. Unfortunately, a panel of 5 influential women on The View did not seem to agree and went on to make comments that offended nurses worldwide.

Instead of being offended, nurses may actually want to thank the ladies of The View for making Kelley Johnson and her talent a global sensation (for more on Miss Colorado click here). The #NursesUnite hashtag has shown the world that nurses as a collective have a very strong voice. This phenomenon has caught fire; there have been many comical responses and a lot that were profound, but some have been borderline unethical.

All of this has been very timely with the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) and the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) launch of the “Uniquely RN” campaign that emphasizes unique RN contributions to healthcare (for more on Uniquely RN click here). CARNA CEO Mary-Anne Robinson was quoted saying “We hope we can find ways to build understanding in the health-care system and among the public of the unique contributions of Alberta’s RNs,” What better way to show Albertans what nurses really do, not just with their stethoscopes but in their daily work than to use this hashtag as an opportunity to help raise public awareness surrounding our profession. “We need to make the invisible visible,” said CARNA Policy and Practice Director Carolyn Trumper (CARNA, 2015).

To send a positive image of Alberta nurses to the public, UNA Local 115 would like to challenge nurses to send us your pictures showing us your nursing talent along with what makes you #UniquelyRN. We will post your pictures and stories on our Facebook page. The post with the most likes at the end of October will win a prize be featured on our blog and newsletter. Let’s show Alberta what it means when #NursesUnite by showing them what makes us #UniquelyRN!