CFNU Canadian Federation of Nurse Union – 17th Biennial Convention 2015, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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CFNU Canadian Federation of Nurse Union
17th Biennial Convention 2015, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax World Trade and Convention Center WTCC

June 1-5

Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. Represented by 1,000 Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatrics Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.

The Opening Reception had a Pirate Theme. Skeletons, glowing skulls, eye patches, skullcaps, and Roaming Pirates.  Great music, appetizers, drinks and most importantly wonderful company.  The event also had some Pirate activity where the term “Pilfering from Pirates” and “do you have a skeleton in your closet?” were mentioned the next few days.  Let’s just say what happens at CFNU stays at CFNU!

Ceilidh on the Hill. At historical Citadel Hill.  A fun night of lobster, music, dancing, and a Ghost Walk.  1,000 lobster- served on the plate whole, surgical equipment to excise the meat, which seemed like a lot of work. For a Vegetarian such as myself, this was even scarier than the ghost walk! It was pouring rain which added to the ambiance of the ghost walk and certainly did not dampen anyone’s’ spirits. Except perhaps the lobsters.

It is hard to explain the energy of the Convention. The insights, knowledge, skill, and experience all packed into one room.

I began writing down saying that resonated with me as a 31+year Registered Nurse.  I did not write down the speaker who shared the insight and my notes were all over my workbook. Something like the notes, we, as Nurses write on the paper towels, and slips of paper throughout the day.  These are loosely quoted and my apologies to the insightful speakers who spoke the words and whom I did not record your names.

“Abnormal becomes the normal”

“We can’t manage what we don’t measure – data is a powerful marker”

“LIKE for LIKE……we would not replace the Pilot with a baggage carrier”

“Health System – cuts to one, affects the whole”

“Behind each Statistic, lies a patient”

“Health Care is a RIGHT”

“Daily Newspaper- God’s-To- do list delivered to your door”

“Like photographers.  We choose what to focus on” –Hugh MacLeod

“Our Story (Nurses) is the Healthcare story – we need to tell our story”

“Nurse are the Brains behind the machine”

“Nurses’, where knowledge meets know how”

“Healthcare is a human service delivered by people”

“Leadership without follow ship, is not leadership”- Hugh MacLeod

“ASK-LISTEN-TALK  – Listen to hear, not to counter” – Hugh MacLeod’s Grandfather

Powerful, Thought provoking messages!

What strikes me the most about Nursing across Canada, and throughout the world for that matter is that “our” problems are all the same. Safe staffing levels, skill mix, Post traumatic Stress disorder among our members, burn-out, overtime, employment for our new graduates and the list goes on….

What also rings loud and clear among Nurses across Canada is the pride we have in our profession.  1,000 Nurses dressed in our white scrubs walking down the streets of Halifax. It was incredible!!

October 19, 2015 is going to be a big day in Canada. Federal Election Day.

For the first time CFNU is planning to apply for third-party status, which will allow it to run ads throughout the campaign.  Our Nursing unions will remain non-partisan.  We are not telling you how to vote. We are encouraging you to ask your candidates tough questions when it comes to “our Healthcare”. Most importantly make a commitment to VOTE!

“Healthcare, PharmaCare, Childcare, Aboriginal Care, We care, We Vote, You Vote”

Talk to your colleagues, friends and family.  Tell your Nursing Stories…and then on October 19,2015 Federal Election Day.

VOTE and let your voice be heard.

I feel very privileged to belong to such a great Profession that of Nursing. I do not believe there is a single person whose life has not been touched by a Nurse. We are there when the journey begins and when it ends.

I would like to thank CFNU and the Planning Committee for putting together a convention that was informative and fun.  Linda Silas, President CFNU said it best “Getting away from our daily routine give us all a chance to recharge and reconnect.”

Hope to see you all in Calgary 2017.

Yours in Nursing,

Heather Dean RN
Local 115

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