AHS CEO Message: Budget addendum to address media coverage

Message from AHS CEO Kaminski confirms plans for dealing with budget cuts. In another email she says the extra day in leap year 2016 will create challenges. In the email below she confirms that hours will be reduced and sick calls will not be replaced. Something tells me that they will be paying more in overtime though, not less as she predicts.

From Kaminski:

Dear staff, physicians and volunteers;

As a short follow up to my note about the provincial budget, I would like to quickly address a topic of conversation that is generating social media traffic. Media have been reporting that AHS will lose approximately 1,700 FTE positions.

I want to reassure you that there is no plan for significant layoffs at AHS. The majority of these positions will be trimmed through attrition and are positions that are currently vacant. As many of you know, we have been planning for a budget reduction from the provincial government, and portfolios have been holding vacant positions for several months. This pre-planning will serve us well.

Since late fall we have had a vacancy management initiative in place to ensure that the positions being filled are critical to the care of patients, residents, clients and families. Since early 2015, we have had a hiring freeze on non-clinical management and out of scope positions. As of today, we have removed 321 non-clinical positions from the organization that will realize savings of approximately $32 million. We will continue to make changes through attrition during the coming months.

Over the next couple of months we will finalize our budget plan and we will determine from there where we can further reduce the number of FTEs. And to clarify, these are full-time equivalent (FTE) positions – those are counted in worked hours. It will be a combination of permanent positions as well as a reduction in hours which could mean the reduction in overtime, use of casuals, replacement on sick leave, etc.

We are well positioned to address the funding reduction announced today by the Government of Alberta. We have a number of strategies already in play, and leaders from across the organization, as well as front line staff who have been submitting ideas, are focused on finding efficiencies and maintaining our core services. This is a balance that we can and will find.

Vickie Kaminski
President and Chief Executive Officer

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