Pension Information Sessions – Communications to Employees


Alberta Health Services has scheduled a number of LAPP Information Sessions in various localities around the province to take place from March to May, 2015. This is being communicated to employees via our Intranet, our electronic newsletter, and on bulletin boards around the province. We will also communicate these to LAPP members via direct email.

A copy of the communication plan, the posters and the email script are attached for your reference.

Please note that in addition to these face-to-face group presentations, Alberta Pensions Services is conducting One-on-One sessions around the province and, as well, has a series of webinars on various topics available to employees who participate in the pension plan. The availability of these sessions with registration information has been communicated to employees as well.

This information is provided for your reference. If you have any questions, please contact Carol McCabe.


Marian Breckon
Advisor, Employee Benefits and Retirement Programs
Alberta Health Services
Suite 700, North Tower, 10030 – 107 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3E4
Telephone: 780-735-1114 Fax: 780-735-0597

Alberta Health Services
[ ]

2015 LAPP Spring Info Sessions Comm Plan.pdf
BBN Spring 2015 In Person LAPP Sessions.pdf
Direct email to LAPP Members – LAPP Sessions.pdf


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