Reporting verbal abuse and physical abuse or threats to AHS & UNA

In discussion with Jennifer DeRasp (WHS advisor) AHS has limited data on violence towards staff documented formally, in particular from areas such as psychiatry. AHS WHS reflects the data at this time is under reported. Eg: Four incidents reported for one acute psychiatry unit at FMC.

UNA and WHS would like to encourage all staff to file an AHS incident report and UNA OH&S reports for incidents of verbal abuse, physical attacks or any threats or acts of violence.

The goal is to be able to accurate track and monitor violence in the workplace to then provide appropriate support and interventions.

Please take the time to file the AHS incident reports and the UNA OH&S reports (attached copy) as your safety matters.

Please send UNA OH&S forms to the Local 115 Executive via email local115exec or Fax 403-263-2908

Kind regards,

Kathleen Hamnett
Vice President
Local 115 FMC Calgary
Office 403-670-9960
Fax 403-263-2908
khamnett or

UNA OH&S Reporting form (blank copy).pdf

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