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Calgarians Should Benefit From New Arena

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman met with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, last week, to discuss a new arena for the Calgary Flames.

“If the City of Calgary is going to give the team millions of dollars in free land there needs to be tangible benefits for Calgarians,” said Alexander Shevalier, President of the Calgary and District Labour Council.

“First, we would need a commitment to hire Canadian workers and unionized workers to build the arena,” he continued.

“Second, there needs to be a commitment to mitigate any disruption to the local community and to meet with the affected community,” he stated.

“We’re not opposed to the city donating land for a new arena, but there needs to be benefits for Calgarians and we have yet to see anyone articulate such a position,” he concluded.


Contact: Alexander Shevalier, President, Calgary & District Labour Council – 403 819 4159

The Calgary & District Labour Council represents 44,000 affiliated union members in both the public and private sector. Our members make Calgary work.

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