UNA Local 115 Update

Dear Local 115 Member:

The Local Executive is planning several events for the upcoming year, and we are holding several draws.

Coffee Cart
We will be coming to units at FMC in the morning and evening of February 17 with coffee and treats for the staff. If we don’t get to your unit this time, we will be doing more coffee carts in the future.

Member Appreciation Dinner
We will be hosting a Member Appreciation dinner likely during the 3rd week in March, the exact date to be confirmed soon based on guest speaker availability. Seating is limited to 20 people on a first come, first served basis, with preference to those who have not attended a dinner in the past. Please RSVP to this email to reserve your spot.

UNA Workshops
Consider signing up for a UNA workshop. Registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to the course. Workshops fill up quickly, if there are enough people on the wait list a new workshop date may be offered. Upcoming workshops in Calgary include:
Unit Rep – Feb. 10, April 8, June 3, Oct. 1, Dec. 17
Know Your Rights – Feb. 11, March 25, April 9, May 5, June 4, Sept. 2, Oct. 20, Nov. 6, Dec. 9
Dealing with Abuse – Oct. 14

Event Draws
The following event draws are being held, with a deadline for names of Feb. 10 at 16:30. Reply to this email indicating which draw(s) you would like to enter. Preference for draws go to members who have attended at least 3 local meetings in the 12 months prior to the deadline, and further to those who have not attended the previous event.
1. Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions – June 1-5, Halifax
2. Alberta Federation of Labour Convention – April 15-18, Calgary
3. Public Interest Alberta Conference – April 9-11, Edmonton
4. Calgary District Labour Council Weekend Workshops – various dates, Calgary

Public Interest Alberta Keynote Event
The keynote speaker (to be announced) for the PIA conference will be appearing in Calgary on the evening of April 8. Any Local 115 members attending this event will be reimbursed for the cost of their admission ticket, receipt required. Please watch the website http://pialberta.org/2015conference for more details.

Government Revenue/Spending Consultation
You may have heard Premier Prentice in the news discussing options to deal with the low oil prices. UNA is strongly opposed to cuts to public services, public sector wage cuts, and a provincial sales tax. Rather, we are advocating for a progressive income tax and higher corporate taxes, which can go a long way to fixing Alberta’s revenue problem, without negatively affecting low and middle income working people. Please consider contacting your MLA and let them know your thoughts on solving our dependance on volatile natural resource revenue. Find out who your MLA is and their contact info at https://www.assembly.ab.ca/lao/mla/mla_help.htm

We hold Local meetings the 2nd Wednesday of every month (except July & August) from 4-6pm in the FMC auditorium (AGW4 in February). Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Best regards,
Local 115 Executive Team
Kevin Champagne – President
Kathleen Hamnett – Vice-President
Wayne Stopa – Secretary
Cameron Westhead – Treasurer


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