UNA 25 Years of History (1990)



UNA Benefited from 1988 Strike

David Harrigan, a former UNA vice-president, was hired as the Director of Labour Relations.

The effects of the 1988 hospital strike and the 1985-86 health unit strike were reaped in the 1990 round of negotiations.

Hospital nurses achieved a shortened work week, the effect of which was an additional day of rest every four weeks (8 hour shifts) or every six weeks (12 hour shifts); a 19% wage increase over two years; an additional eighth increment worth 3%; a guarantee of 2 weekends off in 4; a guarantee of a maximum of 6-shift stretches; an increase from 60% of basic pay to 66 2/3% of basic pay for nurses on short or long term disability; substantive increases in all premiums; overtime pay at double time; improved vacations; language expressly prohibiting employers from making individual agreements that contravene the Collective Agreement; and a binding process to settle disputes over the working-alone issue.

Health unit nurses achieved an equivalent of parity with hospital salaries as a result of a 27% wage increase.

In July, 1990, the UNA Calgary office moved to downtown quarters—7th Street and 6th Avenue.

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