UNA 25 Years of History (1981)



Hardisty Strike

After the successful hospital strike of 1980, UNA members at Hardisty Nursing Home in Edmonton also went on strike to gain improvements in their second collective agreement.  Issues included improved wages, benefits and working conditions.  Management kept the Nursing Home operative by using management nurses and by importing nurses from other areas and provinces.  The striking UNA members did not receive a settlement or indeed their jobs back and most of the nurses found employment elsewhere.  This was an unsuccessful strike, and the UNA Charter for the Hardisty Local was revoked at the request of the remaining Local executive.

UNA commenced bargaining for a new hospital provincial collective agreement.  UNA demands included a 40-52% wage increase over two years, improved scheduling provisions, voluntary overtime, safety measures, and additional demands numbering 229 in total.

In December, 1981, UNA was given a positive strike vote amongst 8,300 hospital nurses, although there were some Locals that voted not to strike.  The contract expired at midnight on December 31, and UNA was in strike position effective January 1, 1982.



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