Local 115 Call for Nominations

At the Local 115 AGM on Dec. 2, members approved the creation of 6 Portfolio Representative positions as part of the Local Executive beginning in 2015. These positions were successfully trialed during the 2014 year. Portfolio Reps are a key linkage between the Local Executive and Ward Reps, and have been instrumental in increasing member engagement and enhancing communication over the past year. Portfolio Reps are budgeted for 7.75 hours per month each.

We are now calling for nominations for 6 Portfolio Representatives. Preference will be given to members wishing to represent the portfolio they work in. If no nominations are received from members wishing to represent their own portfolio, members from other portfolios will then be considered. Portfolio assignments will mirror the six primary AHS directors overseeing Local 115 members, and are subject to change based on director assignments. Nomination forms can be found on the Local 115 website at (cut and paste):https://local115.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/local-executive-positions-nomination-form.pdf

Indicate on your nomination form what unit you work on, and whether you would like to represent your own portfolio, or another portfolio (you can request a specific portfolio or take the next available portfolio). Completed nominations can be scanned, faxed, or put in our confidential mail box on the ground floor of FMC under our bulletin board between the main elevators and the main cafeteria. The deadline is January 7 at 16:00. It is the responsibility of the nominee to confirm receipt of the nomination. Please reply to this email if you require further information.