Free Food at Pension Rally March 20

Dear Local 115 Member:

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, March 20th, when we will be holding an information rally against the proposed changes to our LAPP pension plan by the Alberta Government. Between 11:30 to 13:00 we will be along 29th St. by the main entrance to FMC, along with our colleagues from AUPE and HSAA. AUPE President Guy Smith will be in attendance, as well as the media to cover the event. We are planning to have pizza and pop available. We really need your support at this event to demonstrate to the government that we are strongly opposed to the changes they are planning to make to our pensions.

For example, they plan to eliminate the "85 factor" for early retirement, remove guaranteed cost of living adjustments for pension beneficiaries, and put a cap on pension contributions that will undermine the stability of the entire plan. Furthermore, the government is proposing to exempt firefighters and paramedics from these changes. Two independent actuarial studies have demonstrated that our pension plan is currently healthy, and is getting healthier every day, so the changes are unnecessary and will do more harm than good. Our pension plan is a benefit we pay for that is part of our compensation package, don’t let them take it away for no good reason. For more information please visit

The Local 115 Executive Team
Kevin Champagne – President
Kathleen Hamnett – Vice-President
Ruth Duffy – Secretary
Cameron Westhead – Treasurer



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