Rally for our Pensions & UNA info

Dear Local 115 Member:

There are several events and information we want to share with you.


There is a rally against the proposed changes to our LAPP and other public sector pension plans on Sunday, March 2 in Edmonton. Buses have been arranged to take people from Calgary to Edmonton and back again on Sunday. We recommend that you RSVP to the Alberta Federation of Labour to reserve a seat by calling 1800-661-3995. Walk-ons will be accepted, but a seat will not be guaranteed. The buses will leave from the CDLC office in the Inter-Pacific Business Park at 3132 26 St NE at 9am, and will bring you back to Calgary by 7:30pm. There are washrooms on the buses, and there will be family friendly events and entertainment and snacks. Bring your friends and family to Sir Winston Churchill Square at 2pm in Edmonton to send a message to the government that the changes they are planning to make to our pension plans are reckless and unnecessary. The plans are to increase the 85 factor to a 90 factor, remove guaranteed cost of living adjustments, and put a cap on contributions that will starve the plan of funds in the future depending on market conditions. You can also drive yourself to the rally if the bus schedule doesn’t work for you. We need to have a strong turnout at this event to demonstrate that we will not stand idly by while our pension plans are slowly dismantled.


The Local is holding draws for funding members to attend the events listed below. The deadline to submit your name is March 5 by 16:00 by replying to this email with your name and the draw(s) you would like to enter. Just to clarify, any UNA member can attend these events, however the draw we are holding is to provide funding such as salary replacement and expenses to attend these events. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Local office at 403-670-9960

1. UNA Executive Board meeting March 1-3 in Edmonton

2. UNA Executive Board meeting June 23-26 in Edmonton

3. UNA Executive Board meeting Sept. 23-25 in Edmonton

4. UNA Executive Board meeting Dec. 10-12 in Edmonton

5. South Central District meeting April 10 in Calgary

6. South Central District meeting July 10 in Calgary

7. South Central District meeting Oct. 2 in Calgary

8. Public Interest Alberta conference April 11-13 in Edmonton

9. Alberta Labour History Institute conference June 18-21 in Edmonton


UNA Members are reminded to contact the Local office in a timely fashion if your vacation requests are denied. The terms of the Collective Agreement say that you have 10 days from becoming aware of a breech of your rights under the agreement to take action. Please contact us within the 10 day period for vacation denials or any other matter and we will work on your behalf to help you out.


The Local 115 Executive Team

Kevin Champagne – President

Kathleen Hamnett – Vice-President

Ruth Duffy – Secretary

Cameron Westhead – Treasurer



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