Important Labour News from British Columbia, Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014

BCGEU members ratify five-year Busy social media day today for the local! Busy social media day today for the local! agreement

BCGEU members in direct government have ratified the 17th Master Agreement. Bargaining unit members voted 68.5 percent in favour of accepting the agreement. The five–year agreement expires on March 31, 2019, and covers approximately 25,000 members who work in direct government service. The agreement includes a guaranteed wage increase of 5.5 percent over the term of the agreement with the possibility of additional wage increases under the Economic Stability Dividend, as well as other improvements including the movement of previously temporary market adjustments into base pay and improved health benefits. This group of employees does the same work as the AUPE members who are subject to Bill 46 in Alberta.

[ ]BCGEU news release

[ ]Global News coverage

Court rules that B.C. government must pay teachers $2 million for bad-faith bargaining, trying to provoke strike

The provincial government must pay the B.C. Teachers Federation $2 million in damages and retroactively restore class-size and composition language that was stripped from the teachers’ contract in 2002, the B.C. Supreme Court has ruled. Justice Susan Griffin said in her judgment in the long-running court battle that the government must pay damages for extending to the end of June 2013 changes to collective bargaining that she had already ruled unconstitutional.

[ ]Vancouver Province news coverage

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