Negotiations Fanout # 8

Fanout # 8

December 18, 2013

• Met December 17 & 18
• Discussion of "Duty to Accommodate"
• Continue to resolve non-monetary Articles
• Next bargaining dates are January 20 and 21

In solidarity,

Heather Smith
President, UNA


4 thoughts on “Negotiations Fanout # 8

    1. Hi Muriel,
      Sorry the Local Exec did not reply sooner. If an Employee has medical restrictions that are expected to last less than 6 months these are called temporary restrictions. If medical restrictions are greater than 6 months, the Employer deems these has permanent restrictions. Each persons duty to accommodate is unique to ones self based on medical & fit for work note. Essentially the Employer has an obligation to meet a persons restrictions unless the Employer can prove they cannot meet the restriction as it was cause undo hardship.
      An example of a duty to accommodate may be a member needing to work day or evening shifts only due to a medical condition. UNA’s collective agreement has specific language for members returning to work capable of performing their duties in their former position & for members returning but not capable of performing some of their former duties.
      Please call the Local office at 403-670-9960 or 403-237-2377 Mon- Fri 08:30 to 4:30, leave a v/m in Exec out of office or email to discuss further.
      Warm regards
      Kathleen Hamnett L115 VP

    2. Duty to Accommodate was mentioned in the Fan out from the Negs committee- which means that Duty to accomodate as part of the collective agreement was brought to the table, details of what was discussed would need to be directed to the UNA’s Neg committee or Heather Smith.
      Hope both replies assist you with your question.
      Kathleen Hamnett- L115 VP

    3. Please see UNA Spotlights as another resource on UNA web page select Collective Ageements, select Spotlights, then can scroll various topics. Article 19 Sick leave a few spotlights are highlighted that may be of interest & assistance.

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