UNA Negotiations Fanout #6

Fanout #6

November 27, 2013

• Met with Employers November 26 & 27, 2013

• The Employers were unable/unwilling to sign a Letter of Understanding guaranteeing there will be no layoffs due to Scheduling Optimization. For the first time they did state there may be a reduction in staff due to Scheduling Optimization and expected retirements. We asked AHS to stop misleading the public and our members that there will not be any reductions/layoffs.

• Still waiting for information regarding replacement/overtime shifts and where Employees work staggered start times.

• Discussions of a number of minor articles/provisions. The Negotiating Committee will develop a summary of changes agreed to this date.

• Today the Alberta Government introduced two pieces of legislation that has the potential to have a significant negative impact on UNA negotiations. Watch for information about Bill 45 and Bill 46 on UNAnet and the UNA website.

• Next bargaining dates are December 5 and 6.

Heather Smith
President, UNA


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