New Tables

At the table last week, AHS provided a new document regarding “scheduling optimization.” See attached.

This new document has a reduction of about 200 nurses, rather than the previous 400 – however, this is only because some units are no longer on the list.

PLEASE NOTE – “No longer on the list” only means the introduction is scheduled to be delayed – not that it will not happen.

It still appears AHS has plans to eliminate a very large number of positions, as the plan is to roll this out everywhere across the province.

Despite their own documents showing a reduction in the number of nurses (or as they say “a reduced head count”) AHS continues to publicly state they believe their will be no reduction in head count.

Despite publicly saying that no employee will be forced to alter their FTE or receive notice of position elimination, AHS continues to refuse to sign a document indicating this.

It is difficult to reconcile this lack of probity with their self proclaimed values of respect, transparency and accountability.

David Harrigan
Director of Labour Relations
United Nurses of Alberta

Staff Scheduling Transformation Updated.pdf


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