Letter to the Editor

The following letter to the editor from a front-line nurse was published in The Calgary Sun on November 3, 2013:

My reaction to the Alberta Health Services ad I heard on the radio this morning: Deflated. Apparently, in the wake of nursing contract negotiations, AHS has decided to target RNs who don’t work full time. The radio ad insinuated that patient care is compromised because we have fewer full-time nurses than other provinces. Employers who value a work-life balance should be celebrated: Where other industries long for the opportunity to job share, AHS has launched a campaign aimed at making the public question why some of my colleagues choose to not work full-time. I chose nursing as a career because of the flexibility afforded to me by the profession. I am able to balance my career as a mother and still contribute financially to my family. I don’t like the direction my employer is proceeding — a short-sighted vision aimed at reducing costs will create considerable consequences for the nursing workforce. For me, the choice between my family and my career is not a choice. Shameful radio broadcast, AHS. Please consider the purpose behind the ad.

Michelle Sushelnitsky, RN


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