Negs 2013 – Fanout #5

Fanout # 5
November 7, 2013

• Met with Employers November 6 & 7, 2013

• The Employers tabled a revised position on Article 7: Hours of Work.
The Employers returned to "current" provisions regarding:
– percentage of day-duty
– weekends off duty
– 12 week posting of schedules
– penalty if shifts are changed with less than 14 days notice

• The Employers maintain regressions regarding minimum time between shifts and reducing the length of a weekend. The Employers also maintain their proposal to delete part-time Employees designated days of rest.

• Much discussion about misleading media/public statements made by AHS regarding workforce changes resulting from Scheduling Transformation. AHS provided an updated version of the Staff Scheduling Transformation plan which will be available in the UNA News Conference.

UNA has asked the Employers to formally commit to "No overall reduction in the number of Employees as a result of the Staff Scheduling Transformation Project" and "No Reduction of Nursing Hours" (as they have claimed publicly). Employers have not yet agreed.

• Next bargaining dates are November 26 & 27.

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