Letter about AHS ads

I am writing today as I am rather perplexed by the large and I am assuming costly ads placed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) in the High River Times and other papers across Alberta. I find this ad to be extremely unusual the collective agreement AHS has with the nurses of Alberta allows them to determine the number of full time positions about to be posted. To note since January of 2013, AHS has posted 2348 vacancies for full time nurses and 4348 for part time. This week alone there are only 93 full time positions posted but 153 for part time. I might respectfully suggest that if they want more full time nurses working in Alberta that they simply post more full time positions rather than so many part time. If AHS is having difficulty recruiting into full time positions then perhaps examining and rectifying some of the real reasons nurses may struggle to work full time in Alberta could be addressed. I would refer to issues surrounding inhumane schedules, vacation denials, overtime and overwhelming workloads. This maybe a more effective use of our tax dollars, rather than spending it on expensive advertising. It was not the nurses of Alberta that encouraged the massive layoffs, bed closures and rollbacks of the 1990’s and reduced so dramatically the number of full time positions in Alberta. I would further suggest that AHS look to nurses for solutions rather than as the problem and then perhaps we could believe what your add says that you care about nurses. For as I see it, it has been nurses and other dedicated health providers caring for Albertans that has provided our health system with any level of sustainability and backbone over the past many years of health cuts and rollbacks. I do not appreciate the implication that Albertans being cared for are not getting consistent reliable care from the nurses of Alberta whether they work full or part time. Nurses are here every day and night of the year, weekends and holidays, to provide consistent reliable quality care for the people of Alberta. That is what they are educated to do and that is what in my view they always strive to provide.

Marie Corns
South Central District Representative

3 thoughts on “Letter about AHS ads

  1. I can verify that I personally know of at least 5 awesome nurses in Allberta 2 of them being related. These nurses go beyond of what’s expected of them. These women give an incredible care to their patient’s and patients families under their care. These nurses are very loving and caring. I’m sure there’s thousands many more. Alberta should take pride in these men and womem that work for the health service system, and treat them with the respect they deserve. Give them more employment as needed, I as a patient I deserve the good care you claim you want to extend to me. Give us more nurses and more facilities to take care of the populatio. Quit blaming the nurses and the Dr.’s for what is wrong with the medical sysyem, it is due to the way you (politicians and higher-ups) run the medical system. This should be 1st. priority of business for you all. Take responsibility and quit passing the buck the short nursing staff. You created the problem with bad advertising, now, FIX IT!

  2. great letter…kind of obvious the AHS gestapo are trying to get a “leg up” with the public by slandering RN’s. The real problem is the idiotic decisions that come from the top with no creedence to the effect their slashes impact on patient care. Unfortunately, the general public has no clue until they arrive in the ER or are waging their way through this ridiculous system. Transparency, I think not…blame the front line-easier and the fat cats still have their jobs.
    To think this ad campaign must have had to be approved by many of the top executives and it stil rolled out points to obvious character flaws right from the top. So much for the AHS code of ethics. Ridiculous!

  3. Hear hear – I would also like to know how Albertans have benefitted from the restructuring and endless political BS of Alberta Health Services. Seems to me that all we’ve gotten in return is a vilified, burned-out workforce, with a giant price tag.

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