AHS plans

AHS has been spending money on ads, claiming they are looking to hire more full- time nurses.

In fact, AHS plans to ELIMINATE many hundred nurses. They also want to change the FTE of those who remain, for the most part forcing nurses to increase their FTE.

They have been spreading false information and making statements to suggest they only want to move nurses to other areas.

As a result of a complaint we made to the Labour Relations Board, AHS turned over some of their plans, which are attached.

The important part is the SST document. This document out lines the plans for just a small number of units – at only 19 sites in phase one and 10sites in phase 2.


As you will read in phase 1 "the total FTE would decrease by 6 and the total head count would decrease by 205" in phase 2 "the total FTE would decrease by 74.71 and the total head count would decrease by 186"

These numbers would be moderated slightly by an increase in what AHS is calling "relief Rotations" but it still means a reduction of almost 400 nurses.

And this is just phase 1 and 2 – they plan to roll this our across the province to all sites.

Please review the documents, let your colleagues and the public know the truth.

We are fighting this at the bargaining table but need your support!

David Harrigan
Director of Labour Relations
United Nurses of Alberta

Key Initiatives.pdf
SST Document.pdf


2 thoughts on “AHS plans

  1. I am so disgusted by this new health care model. Safer care? I think not. The more nurses you lose, the worse the patient outcomes. What is the matter with the conservative Government? I will not be voting for them again. Alberta Health Services needs to rethink their constant multiple changing health models, and I think I speak for many people who have completely lost faith in this government

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