Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions calls on Senators to reject Bill C-37

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions calls on Senators to reject Bill C-377

Prorogation of Parliament has put rejected Bill C-377 back into the Senate. It’s time for Canada’s Senators to kill it once and for all!

By United Nurses of AlbertaOctober 23, 2013 10:21

The message for the Canadian Senate, as Parliament resumes and they again consider Bill C-377, is that this bill does not represent good policy and should not be allowed to come into law.

In June, the Senate voted to amend this flawed bill and return it to the House of Commons. These amendments were made to address your serious concerns regarding the scope and impact of this legislation.

Heeding the concerns expressed by provincial governments, constitutional experts, and labour organizations, you effectively discharged your responsibilities, and we again thank you for your efforts.

Unfortunately, prorogation of Parliament forces you to once again consider Bill C-377 unamended and in its original flawed form.

Senators, given the breadth of concerns presented by virtually every witness called before committee, given that all provinces have jurisdiction and legislation addressing these issues, and given that unions have procedures which abide by said provincial legislation, we are asking that on Third Reading of Bill C-377 you reject this bill in its entirety.

If this legislation is deemed essential by the government of the day, it would then be incumbent on this government to draft legislation, in concurrence with the provinces, that would be both constitutional and effective.

Bill C-377, taking the form of a private member’s bill, as it does, means that the Upper Chamber wholly rejecting the bill would clearly draw a line against this uncustomary use of private members’ bills and require the government to follow well-established procedures which abide by the spirit of our system.

Before Halloween, we urge you, the Senate of Canada, to kill “zombie” Bill C-377.

Best regards,
Linda Silas
President, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

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