Why do we Volunteer?

English: Naheed Nenshi, 36th mayor of the City...
English: Naheed Nenshi, 36th mayor of the City of Calgary, Alberta, wearing a Calgary Flames jersey. Photo taken October 10, 2010 (8 days before his election). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi…..WOW!!! A true example of a LEADER.

It continues to warm my heart how Calgarians are stepping up to help in whatever ways they can.  If you were to look around my end of the city everything looks status quo.  In fact if you were disconnected from the media you could be totally unaware of the devastation of communities within our city.  Perhaps that is why my neighbor was power washing his garage floor during a citywide water restriction?? Or perhaps he is just one of those Nenshi Noun type people.  I did remind my neighbor of this bit of news, and he stopped washing the garage, or he was finished??? Either way he stopped using the water…….while I was watching anyway….

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah….. I am one of several people who feel “guilty??” we got away with no damage.  My work-life, my commute, my families commute…..all unchanged.  So why do I feel so changed? So emotional? I have no “right” to these emotions.  I know the people I work with have expressed similar feelings.

Maybe in times of crisis you need the people who just carry on.  We go to work, stay out of the way so others can do their jobs.  We provide the normal, the stable, the hope that the normal is still out there.  Maybe my “normal” work week allows me to have the energy to spell off the people who have not experienced “normal”.

Volunteer Center
Volunteer Center (Photo credit: Ricky Leong)

So why do people volunteer? Because it feels great to help someone in need. Maybe more importantly because you know deep down you were just damn lucky it wasn’t you! Maybe it is our deposit to the universe to protect our good fortune? Maybe it is a simple as the Golden Rule…..”Do unto others” Whatever your motivation is…….”Just do it”.  Let’s get er’ done!!! And make sure you bring a friend or two along!!!!

Yours in Nursing,

Heather Dean


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