Local 115 Summer Solstice BBQ and Negs Update

Dear Local 115 Member:

We would like to invite you to our summer solstice member appreciation BBQ on June 21, from 11:00 to 14:00, on the patio behind the Women’s Health Centre. Rain or shine, we will be serving free sausages and drinks as a way of saying thank you for all that you do. Come and meet the Local Executive and mingle with your fellow members. Vegetarian and gluten free options will be available. We look forward to meeting you and hope to see you on Friday.

You may have heard that UNA and AHS have exchanged contract proposals. For full information, please create an account on UNA Net at https://www.una.ab.ca/unanet and check the Negs 2013 Folder. There you will find the full and summarized proposals from AHS. Join the conversation and provide feedback directly to the Negotiating Committee. Here is a brief summary of the proposals from AHS:

  • On May 29th Chris Eagle (President and CEO of Alberta Health Services) announced “Change is coming and change is necessary to achieve the transformational change we are talking about. The status quo has no place in health care.” and “We are moving staff to areas where we feel they can make a greater difference and closing programs where dollars can be spent more effectively.”
  • On Thursday May 30th the UNA Negotiating Committee requested that AHS disclose the changes that are planned. On May 31st the Chief Negotiator for AHS said they are unable to tell us what changes will occur as they do not know. UNA asked for an undertaking that AHS cease making changes until they provide the information and allow UNA an opportunity to discuss the changes with them. They refused to agree to stop implementing changes.
  • UNA has initiated a complaint to the Labour Relations Board alleging Alberta Health Services is bargaining in bad faith as AHS has refused to provide details about planned changes.
  • Summary of AHS “non-monetary” proposals includes massive regressions in scheduling (full-time, part-time, 8 hour and 12 hour), eliminating protections that have existed since the 1970’s (eg. reduce 15.5 hours off between shifts to 11.75 hours, reduce notice of posted schedule to 8 weeks, and many more). Massive regressions also proposed to hiring and layoff provisions. The employer would have unrestricted ability to unilaterally change an employee’s position (including FTE and hours worked), change work unit and work site.
  • 4 year contract with no salary increase for 3 years and 2% in 4th year.
  • Delete lump sum payments (approx. 2% rollback).
  • Single province wide benefit plan for all AHS Employees.
  • Delete all benefits for Employees who work less than .4FTE.
  • Limit the amount of overtime that can be banked (payout of 1X and bank only 1X to max of 48 hours).
  • Payout of all call-back that is worked (delete ability to bank as overtime).
  • Delete requirement to have a RN/RPN in charge. The person can be designated in charge of an unlimited number of units.
  • Lieu days for Named Holidays will be scheduled by the Employer.
  • No longer assure “on site” parking for Employees required to have a vehicle.
  • Remove any assurances regarding free unreserved parking from Local Conditions.
  • Ability to unilaterally schedule time of vacation.
  • Ability to unilaterally change your FTE by up to 10%.

With these unacceptable proposals from AHS, we need your support now more than ever to achieve a fair contract. No further dates have been scheduled, and talks are planned to resume in the fall. Please share these proposals with your colleagues. For the most up to date information, log in to UNA Net.

Have a great summer,
The Local 115 Executive Team
Kevin Champagne – President
Wayne Stopa – Interim Vice-President
Ruth Duffy – Secretary
Cameron Westhead – Treasurer



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