Fanout # 2 to UNA Members

• June 11, 12 and 13 were pre-arranged bargaining dates.

• On June 11th, an expected report of ALL changes was limited to a broad, non-specific overview of “challenges”, Scheduling Optimization and Workforce Transformation.
No talks occurred on June 12 after the Minister of Health terminated the AHS Board.

• On June 13th, the Employers provided their ingoing monetary proposals:
– 4 year contract with no salary increase for 3 years and 2% in 4th year.
– Delete lump sum payments (approx. 2% rollback)
– Single province wide benefit plan for all AHS Employees.
Delete all benefits for Employees who work less than .4FTE
– Limit the amount of overtime that can be banked
(payout of 1X and bank only 1X to max of 48 hours).
– Payout of all call-back that is worked (delete ability to bank as overtime)
– Delete requirement to have a RN/RPN in charge.
The person can be designated in charge of an unlimited number of units
– Lieu days for Named Holidays will be scheduled by the Employer
– No longer assure “on site” parking for Employees required to have a vehicle.
Remove any assurances regarding free unreserved parking from Local Conditions.

A summary and the full monetary proposal will be available in the Negs 2013 folder

• UNA has requested disclosure of the AHS financial statements. The UNA Committee is very concerned that this week AHS announced it has a $100 million surplus and insisted all Executive must accept bonus payments while directing their negotiating committee to propose monetary rollbacks for nurses.

• AHS will need to clarify their approval/ratification process since there is no longer a governing board.

• No date yet set regarding the UNA’s Labour Board complaint related to workforce changes AHS intends to undertake. To date 220 RN jobs have ‘disappeared’ across the province, the most recent position eliminations resulted from Workforce Transformation.

• UNA has requested an urgent meeting with Health Minister Fred Horne and the AHS Official Administrator Janet Davidson.

• Future bargaining dates unlikely to be scheduled for July and August.

Heather Smith, President UNA


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