Nursing Week @ Local 115

Dear Local 115 Members:

As you may know, International Nursing Week is May 6 to 12. To celebrate, Local 115 has several events planned, and we hope you can join us.

May 6, we will be visiting our satelite locations to bring greetings and treats.
May 7, we will set up a nursing week booth on the ground floor of FMC in the hallway between the main elevators and the main cafeteria between 08:30 and 14:00 where we will be giving away cookies, fruits, and gifts.

May 8, we will be joined by Heather Smith, UNA Provincial President at our monthly meeting in the FMC Auditorium from 16:00 to 18:00. Heather will bring greetings and an inspirational speech to celebrate the occaision. We hope you are able to attend the meeting to meet Heather and show your support for the Local. After our meeting, all Local 115 members are invited to attend a member appreciation evening at a local restaurant to mingle with Heather, the Local 115 Executive, and fellow UNA members. Appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by the Local. Please RSVP to attend the member appreciation evening. Spaces are limited but still available.

May 9, we will be bring our free coffee cart to nursing units in the main FMC tower and SSB between 09:00 and 11:00 or until the coffee runs out.

We will be holding a draw for some prizes. Ballots will be available at the above mentioned events, or by calling the Local office if you are unable to attend. These are just some of the ways for us to say thank you for all the work you do everyday.

In regards to contract negotiations, UNA and AHS have agreed to meet on May 30 & 31 to exchange ingoing proposals. Updates will be provided as negotiations progress.

The Local 115 Executive Team

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