UNA Factoid #29: Liability: The Canadian Nurses Protective Society and UNA

From time to time, nurses may face serious issues of nursing liability.

If you are named in a patient complaint, civil lawsuit, fatality inquiry or complaint under the Protection of Persons in Care Act, or if you are involved in a serious issue at work and are contacted by your employer’s  lawyer, UNA is your first line of defence. You need to contact UNA as quickly as possible.

In addition to UNA, Registered Nurses may also contact the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS), and Registered Psychiatric Nurses may contact the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses.

The CNPS ® is a not-for-profit society that offers legal advice and assistance, risk-management services and professional liability protection to eligible RNs. Contact both UNA and CNPS when an unusual incident takes place that involves harm or serious consequences.

To contact the CNPS: call 1-800-267-3390 or email info@cnps.ca. For more information on the CNPS, visit the organization’s website, http://www.cnps.ca.


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