“LIKE” if You are Proud to be “one of those”

My conversation went something like this:

Caller: “So where were you last week Heather?”

Heather: “I was at the Alberta Federation of Labour Winter School”

Caller: “Winter School? What is that?”

Heather: “The Alberta Federation of Labour puts on a week-long school with a variety of courses for union members from across Alberta. It is great and I learn a lot”

Caller:  “Union School…..Oh, Your One of Those?”

Hmmmm…..One of those? one of THOSE??? What exactly does that comment mean?  Should I be offended??? or Proud??

So why should employees be unionized?

A Binding Contract, Higher Wages, Better Pension, Benefits, Health and Safety Policies, Grievance Procedure, Compliant Procedure, Union services including Educational Opportunities, Unions are active in your Community, and there is strength in numbers……….Yep!!! VERY PROUD to be ONE OF THOSE”

“Like” if you are proud to be one of those, or “Like” if you love someone that is “one of those”

View the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Union Advantage

Heather Dean

Alberta Federation of Labour
Alberta Federation of Labour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Canadian Labour Congress
Canadian Labour Congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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