Networking at the AFL labour School


Winter Labour School in Jasper.

What I like best about the Labour School is that it is not just Nurses.  There are union members from across Alberta.  Brothers and Sisters who come from varying work backgrounds.  Not so surprisingly, a common theme of concerns surface in discussions.  The Labour School has provide the members with a multitude of venues to Network.  All meals are together, and most members sit with different people each meal.  The school also provides social meeting space in the evenings,  one that is alcohol free – which I think is brilliant.

There are organized group activities.  A evening Canyon Ice Walk, a hay ride, and of course the great outdoors is your playground.

The Canyon Ice Walk takes about 2 and half hours.   Warm clothes, the water proof boots and “cleat like attachments”, head lights are provided.  The guide took excellent care of us and it was a very memorable experience. The hike is approximately 4 KM, we had people of all ages and abilities in our group. I would highly recommend the hike.

The hay ride was breathtaking.  Complete with a bonfire and gourmet hot chocolate at the halfway point.  The Jasper Park Lodge knows how to do this stuff.

Ice skating on the Lake…….complete with the family of Elk lakeside.

And then there was my class – Women in Leadership


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