“Move that Bus” – An experience from the Jasper Winter Labour School!

I am so excited to share my experience at The Winter Labour School in Jasper. “We” chartered a bus to get to Jasper, which was a great idea, you never know how the Parkway Roads will be and it is great to travel with fellow members to the school.  The one downside of a smaller bus, no restroom facilities on board.  Not surprisingly all of our biological needs were not in sync.  You guessed it an unscheduled “bio break” – love that term!! So the bus took a “side road”…..An absolutely beautiful rest area, with a fresh blanket of snow that had been undisturbed.  Turns out there was a reason for that. THE ROAD WAS CLOSED….  to make a long story short….we got stuck!!! for an hour and a half. Two off our members walked out to flag down some help to summon a tow truck.  No cell phone service.  The rest of us shovelled, with the ONE shovel on board the bus, pushed, shovelled, pushed, laughed, encouraged,pushed, shovelled………… Proud to say, with team work and determination we successfully “Moved that bus”.

Once again we were Jasper bound.  As we settled in for the remainder of the drive approximately 5 minutes down the highway we passed an outhouse on the side of the highway with a very nicely plowed entry and exit………..check out the photo gallery……………Heather

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