My first “weB”LOG lets get started!

BLOG – short for “weB”LOG – refers to a list of personal journal entries, reflections,breaking news, links, memos to the world.

A Blog is a website, where you write “your stuff” on an ongoing basis.  New stuff is added on top, so readers can see “What’s New”.  Readers can then comment on it, link on it, e-mail me – or do nothing at all……:(

Blogging was launched in 1999….and my very first blog is on January 9, 2013!!

So now that we know what it is, and when it started.  Why am I doing a blog?

I am a 50 year old Registered Nurse with 28 years of Nursing Experience.  The only computer skills I have were forced upon me over the years.  I did not grow up with computers and learning the skills to do my job, and function in the world in general has not always been a simple task.  I decided this year to put myself out there and take charge of this aspect of my life.  In fact I am hoping to enjoy the new technology and all it has to offer. We can learn…I hope by sharing my learning you can learn along with me. So why would a younger member want to follow my BLOG. Well they all have parents, or grandparents (that is sad to say!!!) who may find themselves in the same position as me.  Most importantly “we” the under experience computer operators do have valuable experience we would like to share with you. We need to bridge this communication gap and learn from each other. Frankly speaking it is not that easy to approach a younger person with a computer question.  Many of you….and you know who you are! Take over and complete the task without an explanation.  It makes my job easier in that moment, but I will run into the same problem in the future when your not there to bail me out.  Adult learners need to do the process themselves – and yes this means stepping back and letting up do it – Painfully……Slowly – and then it may – Okay it more than likely will involve you showing us the same thing more than once.

I hope to provide you with Social Media 101.  As I grow and learn.  I hope to provide something for everyone.

I am very fortunate to have Al Perrault and Cameron Westhead to assist in my learning and provide “us” with the tools to facilitate our learning.


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