Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Feb 2010)

Message from Vice-President Kathleen Hamnett

I was wondering what to write for this News Letter that would be inspiring and informative for you. I would like to say how proud I am of Nurses everyday for the hard work and dedication. I recall seeing a poster that Highlighted what as Nurses we do and reflect about the various roles or hats we as Nurses wear every-day. The poster made me feel proud about being a Nurse and recognize our diversity within our profession.

The Local Office continues to be a beehive of activity. Many calls of late are related to Vacation planning guidelines and the Carryover of Vacation, stat banks & overtime. I would encourage everyone to review the Joint statements and call the local office for assistance as needed.

The Local Executive continue to try and meet the needs of the local in a timely fashion but due to meetings your call may not always be returned the same day. Please do leave a message and if Ur-gent speak to the Labour Relations Officer on duty.

For an update on Negotiations please access UNA’s Internal server First Class via UNA Net &/or call the office.

I cannot encourage everyone enough to ask to see their personnel file & check your letter of hire for the hire date and Seniority date. Please inform the Local office for assistance in having Seniority dates corrected.

Date & initial any document in the personnel file. The Letter of hire should include your Status as a Temporary or Regular Employee, Full Time or Part time, your date of hire, your seniority date, length of shift, number of shifts in the cycle, the number of weeks in the cycle.

0.56 FTE Regular Part-Time
length of shift 7.75hr
Number of shifts per cycle 32 shifts
Number of week per cycle 12 weeks

In January, I took the Labour Law course at AFL Labour School and I continue to learn everyday. I enjoyed the learning experience. I am hoping it will benefit my efforts to support members involved in the Arbitration process. The Local Executive is aware of the anxiety and stress that comes from the workplace. So I want to remind everyone that we are all in this together and we should continue to support each other.

It is important to acknowledge the success of Nurses by participating in rallies, be has active as we can, and talk to others about what is going on in Health Care. I thank all of you that stand up, ask for answers, and continue to be a key part of the process for change in the health care system.

Kathleen Hamnett
UNA Local 115 Vice President
Foothills Medical Centre & Satellites
Ph: 403-670-9960 Fax: 403-263-2908

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