Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Dec 2007)

Message from Trustees

In June 2007, Local 115 was placed into Interim Trusteeship by the Executive Board of UNA to investigate concerns raised by members of the Local Executive and members-at-large.  An external Investigator was appointed by the Executive Board.  Local Executive members and members that raised concerns were given an opportunity to speak with the Investigator. The Investigator provided a final report to the UNA Executive Board in September 2007.

Based on the Investigators recommendation to continue the Trusteeship, the Executive Board passed a motion at the September Board meeting supporting the continued trusteeship. The following Trustees were appointed:

Karen Craik
Secretary Treasurer UNA – Member of local 115

Blanche Hitchcow
South Central District Rep – Member of local 308

Tanice Olson
South Central District Rep – Vice Pres local 1

Teresa Caldwell
North Central District Rep – Vice Pres local 301

It was a decision that was not taken lightly. The goal of the Trusteeship is to stabilize the Local so that elections for Executive members and committees can be held by December 31, 2008.

The Trusteeship was reviewed again at the November 2007 Executive Board meeting. The Executive Board supported the appointment of an additional member from Local 115.

The following motion was passed:

“That Karen Craik, Blanche Hitchcow and Tanice Olson be reappointed as Trustees and further that Daphne Wallace be appointed as Trustee.”

Teresa Caldwell will be stepping down as a Trustee, effective December 15, 2007.  Teresa has been a valuable resource to the Trustees. Her experience in running a local comparable to the size of the Foothills assisted greatly in the transition period when the Trustees assumed the duties of the previous Local Executive. Thank-you Teresa.

Active Local committee members have been asked to continue in their roles on the committees. The Trustees thank all the committee members who have agreed to continue to represent the membership. You have been a valuable asset to the local.

Local 115 was well represented by forty-eight member delegates at the 2007 UNA Annual General Meeting. The Trustees thank the delegates who attended the AGM.

The priority of the Trustees is to increase general membership participation at Local meetings and expand communications with, and involvement of, the ward reps.

The 2008 Local budget concentrates resources in the following areas:

  1. One day special education for current ward reps and potential new reps will be held at the end of February. The Trustees, in conjunction with the UNA Education Officer, will develop a workshop that includes an overview of UNA, Local Executive/ward rep functions, contract interpretation and an open forum on “your vision for the future running of the local”.
  2. Encourage exposure to other UNA meetings/education by having draws for active members to attend District meetings, Executive Board meetings, UNA Labour School and the CLC convention.

Other plans for encouraging membership participation include:

  1. Local membership mail outs (prn) to outline plans for 2008 and Trusteeship update. This may include membership surveys.
  2. Re-establish Local newsletter and have available for local meetings and ward rep distribution. Encourage general members to sign up for email receipt of the local newsletter and sign on to UNAnet.
  3. Trial q 2 month Local meetings with a general membership/ward rep educational in alternate months. The educational will focus on issues such as contract interp, PRC’s, nurse abuse, etc.

2008 will be a challenging year but we believe the initial groundwork has laid the foundation to move the local forward in restoring membership participation and representation. We look forward to working with and representing the needs of the members in the coming year.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Submitted by Karen Craik on behalf of the Trustees,

Blanche Hitchcow, Tanice Olson, Teresa Caldwell and Daphne Wallace


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