Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (May 2007)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Welcome May – the month of sunshine and snow. Hopefully the snow is all over and we can concentrate on the gardens and outdoors.

Belated wishes for Nurses Week and for Mother’s Day. Hope they were good for you and yours. Our annual Nurses tea was attended by many and others that were too busy to leave the unit. It was sad that nurses could not take their breaks and enjoy for a few minutes. That really is what Nurses Week is about “celebrating our profession.” Nurses are leaders, innovators and pioneers in all areas of the economy from research and the military to technology and advocacy. They are improving the health of Canadians by charting the course for a stronger and more vibrant health system for all. This is the future face of nursing….Take a closer look.

Negotiations are front and foremost in Alberta nurses lives these days. The proposals by the Employer do not reach our expectations and do not satisfy the realities of nursing in Calgary today. New employees are leaving the region due to cost of living, no parking, and poor working conditions on the units. Please update your address and phone number so you do receive the most up to date Negotiation information and read the info distributed and provide your input to what is happening. Write, call and attend Local and provincial Meetings.

Take care,

Michelle M. Senkow
President, Local 115
United Nurses of Alberta



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