Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Feb 2007)

Message from 2nd Vice-President Amy Li

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and if you were born in the year of the Boar, this is your year.  I’d like to thank all of the members for electing me to the position of Second Vice – President. I am enjoying my position within in the executive very much.  As Second Vice – President, my priorities in the month of February are to continue supporting the rest of the executive team and to continue to meet with members’ needs and questions.

In the month of January, the majority of members of local 115 accepted the package of proposals put forward by Demand Setting. The top five priorities which the local ratified are as follows: Increase in wages, benefits, shift differentials and weekend premiums, vacation time, and pension.   If you have any questions regarding the ratification of these or other priorities please contact the local office and a local executive can provide you with further information.

For many members, issues regarding negotiations are becoming increasingly important, therefore, I would like to provide you with resources to gather further information. The most important resources are your local representatives.  First of all, talk to your local executive. Our job is to advocate for you, and any issues regarding negotiations are one of our top priorities. Secondly, it is important whenever possible to attend your local meetings as they provide essential information on the negotiation process. UNA also has both a fact line (1-800-804-4541) and a website both of which are an excellent source of information.

Just a reminder in the near future, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions will be hosting a four day convention in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Local 115 is pleased to be sending one executive and seven members while the UNA provincial office is also providing the opportunity for members to attend the conference. Any members interested in going to this convention are encouraged to fill out an entry form available through both the local office and the provincial office. The form for the local 115 draw is available in this newsletter on page 8.  The provincial entry form is located in the January/February 2007 News Bulletin. Good Luck to all of you!

Amy Li
2nd Vice – President, Local 115
United Nurses of Alberta


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