Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Jan 2007)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Hello everyone as we start the New Year, best wishes for a healthy and prosperous year. 2007 stated with a personal crisis with the death of my  father – Thank You to all the kind and compassionate people for their condolences and caring. Reality when your loved one is the patient.

Entering 2007 we are in the worst Nursing Crisis we have ever experienced and we all know and are living it. PRC’s are at 35 already for this year and situations are continuing. We endeavor to do all that we can do to help. Retention of staff is vital and CHR must play their role to remedy. Many changes in CHR personnel and staff seem to be occurring this month.

I’d like to draw your attention to some issues: Vacation Planner – read the Joint Committee document and mark in blocks for the ENTIRE year all your vacation – that comes down to March 15 and on April 30 for them to say YES/NO to your requests. It should be visible so you can see what all your staff are requesting by seniority. There is NO Vacation Payout in the UNA contract – nurses are to have paid Vacation – time off – we want you to have paid time off – downtime. If you want to carry-over vacation you were unable to take – make a written request to carry-over vacation by March 31/07 – there are NO LIMITS but you must indicate when in the New Year you will be taking it. If you want to carry-over banked overtime hours again make a written request to carry-There are no limits, and indicate when you’ll be using them. If any of these requests are refused, call our office and we will advice re: next steps.

Remember when submitting any written requests – keep a copy for your records- anything- OT, etc.

There is a wonderful opportunity in a draw to attend the CFNU – Canadian Federation of Nurses Union conference in June – get involved in your union and enter the draw!

Take care,

Michelle M. Senkow
President, Local 115
United Nurses of Alberta

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