Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (May 2006)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Welcome to May and NURSES WEEK…Celebrate our profession and wonderful work you do. Participate and join in with us on May 8th when we host the Nurses tea and Local meeting that afternoon.

Well, the Vacation Planner should be posted and each request you made should be a YES or NO…It is important if you have been refused vacation and you feel that it is unfair that you speak with your PCM- ASAP and call our office to discuss. Grievance timelines are an issue.

The joint committee communication about the Vacation Planner was distributed and is very clear that December and January are to be treated the same as the other months of the year…NO special Xmas Vacation Planner…the most senior staff with seniority should be granted vacation during the Xmas holidays. If you have questions or concerns call our office.

Enjoy Nursing Week and compliment your colleagues on the wonderful work they do.

Take care,

Michelle Senkow – RN, BScN –
President – UNA-Local 115


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