Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Feb 2006)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Welcome to February and Family day Weekend. I hope you get to spend some time with your family during the weekend. The units at Local 115 and satellites are very busy and I know the overtime that many nurses are doing is tremendous. Please remember that if you are asked to VOLUNTEER to do something, you could be asked to waive your rights in the contract.

I will draw your attention to Article 3.03 – No Employee shall be required or permitted to make any written or verbal agreement which may be in conflict with the terms of this agreement. Please call us if this happens; or you have questions about what is being asked – an example is X days or overtime. Under the contract you are entitled to many things which you may not be aware of. An example is if you work a DOUBLE shift – a second 8 hour shift – the Employer is to pay for your meals. And those 16 hours is the maximum number of hours you can work. Shift schedule problems are happening frequently: you are entitled to 15.5 hours OFF DUTY between shifts. Please call us if you have questions – the UNA interpretation of articles is important for you to know.

Nurses deserve BREAKS and they deserve VACATION. It is important that you take your breaks, and if required to work overtime to complete your nursing work – you do so. IF you are refused overtime to complete your work – CALL US. And you are permitted to request for overtime in pay or time back. Nurses have professional and ethical obligations to fulfill to their patient care. Stand up for your patientsand yourrights.

Vacation planners are up and a reminder put in blocks of Vacation for the entire year from May 1/06 – April 30/07 – by the MARCH 15th deadline. Your vacation planner should clearly state how many RN’s/RPN’s can be off per day or shift.

Many concerns have been brought up to PRC re: lack of beds, short-staffing, overcapacity or lack of orientation. If you have a concern, when you document a PRC to UNA please put your name and number so that a UNA member of the committee may contact you to discuss.

Please remember the motto of UNA is Strength and Unity. When we work together we can achieve gains for our patients and our profession.

Happy Family Day!
Michelle Senkow – RN, BScN
President – UNA-Local 115


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