Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Jan 2006)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Hello nurses- it is hard to believe that it is 2006. Are you getting used to writing it yet? This month the Vacation Planner should be up on your unit. Be aware that each month from May 01, 2006 to April 30, 2007 is inclusive. NO special Christmas or summer calendars.

Please read the Joint Committee handout circulated about the Vacation Planner. Nurses are encouraged to write BLOCKS of time they request off e.g. Nov 1 to 14 inclusive – so that ALL days you are scheduled to work will be holidays. This is beneficial to you – many units are changing rotations, and marking BLOCKS of time will cover this. We encourage you to keep copies of all paperwork submitted to the employer (e.g. vacation Requests and the Employers written response). If a situation occurs where you are repeatingly being refused to take time off etc., the evidence you keep will benefit your situation.

Please make sure that you use your Professional Development Days (3) per year to be taken by MARCH 31/06. These cannot be carried over – so please use them. If you make a request and are refused or have any questions please call our office at 670-9960.

Michelle M. Senkow RN, BScN
UNA-Local 115


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